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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How can I find a room ?

You can select different criteria such as the province, the budget, the setting(s), and also the type of event. If you already know with how many people you will be, you can also fill out the capacities.
The result page will show you on corresponding list with referenced places in our site.
However, you do not need to fill in all these fields to search a room. You can proceed as follow: I am looking for a room in Brabant-Walloon for a seminary with 300 people. The search engine will give you list of rooms with all the corresponding rooms to your criteria.
You may know an room and not find it on meetingrooms.be. Don’t be too restrictive in your search. The room may be written with a different orthography name.
For an advanced search (with more search criteria), you can click on the button “search room”.

2. How can I find more information about a room ?

When you make a specific search, the search engine brings you to the result page which lists all the places that correspond to your criteria.
By clicking on the name of one of these places, you’ll go to its detailed page. On this page, you’ll find the room details such as name, telephone, address, contact e-mail, photos, budget, etc… and even more detailed information. You will have access to the private room websites with all details you can expect.

3. How many rooms are listed on meetingrooms.be ?

In total, about 2693

4. Where can I find contact information about a room ?

You will find the address, the e-mail and the website of the room on the room page.

5. How can I give my comments or suggestions about your website ?

You can send your questions, comments and suggestions by clicking on Help & Contact.


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